99 Locations in Baden-Württemberg*

→ Here You can get the latest list of all locations in Baden-Württemberg (PDF, German).

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* Are you planning a stroll in the town or an excursion? And to be able to enjoy all of this without any troubles you need a place on the way to change your incontinence products (diapers etc.) that is equipped with a bench and a patient hoist, that means a »changing place«? No problem! On our interactive map you will find all locations of »changing places« in Baden-Wuerttemberg!

By clicking the icon icon for „show details“ with a white [ i ] on a blue background or the text »[show details]« under the location markers within the map, you can view the “profiles” of the respective »changing places« with information on their opening times and equipment.

Did you know?
The German title of the campaign „Changing Places“ is „Toiletten fuer alle“, „toilets for all“.
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